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Safety Codes

Woodlands County is not accredited under the Alberta Safety Codes Act for construction permitting and does not issue Building, Electrical, Gas, Plumbing or Private Sewage Disposal System permits.

The codes are developed by Alberta Municipal Affairs in partnership with the Safety Codes Council to provide relevant information to the building industry, designers and municipal development authorities. 

As of January 1, 2019, Alberta Safety Codes Authority (ASCA) is over seeing safety and compliance monitoring (permitting and inspections) within Woodlands County.

It is the landowner's responsibility to comply with the provincial Safety Codes Act for new construction, additions or renovations, electrical, gas, plumbing and private sewage disposal systems by obtaining a Safety Codes permit.

Permits required by the Provincial Government Safety Codes Act:

  • Building Permit
  • Electrical Permit
  • Gas Permit
  • Septic Permit
  • Plumbing Permit

You have a choice of where to submit your Safety Codes Permit form. 

Alberta Municipal Affairs has authorized the following agencies to issue permits under the Safety Codes Act within Woodlands County:

Agency NameEmail
Type of Permit
BuildingElectricalGasSeptic or Plumbing
Inspections Group
Superior Safety Codes

*This list is intended to be used as a guide only. It is your responsibility as the owner/developer to ensure that all of the proper permits have been issued for any type of development.

Alberta Safety Codes Authority (ASCA) can be contacted about safety and compliance monitoring (permitting and inspections) within Woodlands County. 

ASCA will work closely with your chosen agency to provide you with accountability and protection for your development. 

Alberta Safety Codes Authority (ASCA)
500 - 10405 Jasper Avenue, NW
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3N4

For more information on permits, safety codes and more contact Alberta Municipal Affairs at 310-0000 toll free or visit their website: