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Arts & Culture Grant

The Arts & Culture Grant encourages the development and delivery of arts and culture programs that are orientated to children and youth within Woodlands County.  

Criteria Highlights (see Policy 7006 for a complete list):

  • Priority will be given to recreation programs that are orientated to children, youth and seniors
  • Preference is given to groups and organizations that are non-profit and can also demonstrate other fundraising efforts and funding sources.
  • Demonstration of appropriate contribution by participants for recreation programs must be shown (e.g. membership fees, registration, etc.).
  • Funding requests for event hosting will be considered but funding requests for personal expenses will not be considered (e.g. travel, lodging, food, etc.)

Learn more: Policy 7006 - Recreation and Arts & Culture Grants
Application Guide & Assessment Tool
Apply: Arts & Culture Grant Application Form

Contact Community Services for more information.
Phone: 780-778-8400