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Planning & Development Enforcement


The authority for Municipal planning, subdivision and development control is established in Part 17 of the Municipal Government Act (MGA). The purpose of this Part is set out in section 617 of the Act. To summarize, it means that municipalities may adopt plans and land use bylaws and make planning decisions to achieve the beneficial use of land without infringing on the rights of individuals except to the extent necessary for the greater public interest. In addition, the Subdivision and Development Regulation (AR 43/2002), authorized by s. 694(1) of the MGA provides for the administration of subdivision applications, subdivisions and development conditions, registration and endorsements of subdivision and setbacks for provincial appeals.

Any person who contravenes any provision of Part 17 of the MGA is guilty of an offence and can be issued a Stop Work Order, Clean Up Order, etc. under section 645 & 545 of the MGA and Section 36 of Woodlands County Land Use Bylaw.


Where a Designated Officer believes that a person has contravened any provisions of Section 36 of Woodlands County Land Use Bylaw, the Officer may serve written notice describing the offence, expectations of correcting the issue and date to be completed by. Failure to comply may result in the Designated Officer commencing proceedings against the person by issuing a violation ticket pursuant to the Provincial Offences Procedures Act.

Enforcement Services

Maintaining Regional Order and Safety is done through Lac Ste. Anne County Enforcement and is a service that provides Woodlands County with animal control, bylaw, and traffic enforcement resources. 

Woodlands County works together with Lac Ste Anne Peace Officers to:

  • Increase public awareness of Municipal Bylaws
  • Educate residents on their responsibilities as property owners or tenants, and;
  • Achieve compliance with Municipal Bylaws.

Please note that the Enforcement department does not provide emergency response services. In the event of a FIRE, POLICE, MEDICAL or other emergency, please dial 911. All matters involving incidents that are criminal in nature must be forwarded to the local police service.

The Community Peace Officer (CPO) is responsible for investing complaints as well as the enforcement of County bylaws and provincial statutes. The CPO enhances public safety on County roadways by working with the RCMP and Alberta Sheriffs to enforce the Traffic Safety Act, etc. 

Through regular patrols of the County, the CPO also helps to prevent theft and damage to property in residential areas. The CPO takes a leading role in the protection of County infrastructure through restricting overweight and oversize commercial vehicles, patrolling parks and recreation areas, and by conducting traffic enforcement in school zones.

Complaints and Inquiries

Complaints and inquiries made after hours will be followed up by an available Community Peace Officer – either immediately if on duty, or during the next business day. Enforcement personnel will respond as quickly as possible given call volume and priority of calls received.

If you call the Lac Ste. Anne County's Enforcement department after hours, simply follow the instructions when prompted, and your call will be forwarded accordingly. To ensure you receive proper assistance, please provide your name, contact number, address, and a brief description of the nature of your complaint.

Lac Ste. Anne County Patrol Services: 1-866-880-5722
*follow voice prompts to reach the appropriate member for support